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Things to teach your kids
by On November 30, 2016
Those of us with children find we are always trying improve their lives. We want the best for them. We strive to make sure they are happy, and live long fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, we have no way to guarantee that will happen. All we can do is try our best, and teach them lessons along the way.

You have unlimited potential

There first lesson you need to teach your children is this: you can achieve anything. There is no limit to what you can achieve. If you’ve set your sights on something, and are passionate about it, you will be rewarded. Teach them that it is ok to have big goals. Sometimes these goals may seem unattainable. Dream big and you can do anything. Sometimes just having a challenge is enough to push someone to work harder. In the long run, this mindset will help your children accomplish anything. You only get what you work for. If you believe you can’t do something, then you won’t be able to. Always have confidence and push for what you want.

It’s okay to fail

Do you want your children to perform better? Teach them that it’s okay to fail. In the real world, you’re going to fail at something. That’s what gives some people their drive. Being able to get past the fact that you failed is a necessary part of life. Failure is a lesson, you’ll remember what went wrong and be able to correct it the next time around. Tell your children not to be afraid of failing. Instead, teach them to embrace their failures.

Your ideas are important

Ideas are the building blocks of every entrepreneur. Good business ideas are how companies get started. In order to grow a business you need to be able to address problems, and come up with ideas on how to fix them. Conversely, don’t force ideas. Let them come naturally. Teach your children that their ideas matter, and they are important to you. Show interest in their ideas and give them your full attention. The more comfortable they are sharing their ideas with you, the more they’ll come up with. Also, their ideas will get better and better over time.

Life is unpredictable

As adults, we all know that life isn’t a straight path. Things could change at any minute. This also applies to the business world. If you are not flexible with your business, you won’t be prepared when the unexpected happens. Teach your kids that life is unpredictable, you never know what will happen. That way, they won’t hyper focus on one path or idea. If a career path doesn’t work out them, it won’t be the end of the world. They’ll be able to roll with the punches, with a smile on their face.

Take time with decisions

Every so often you’ll make decisions that seem very easy. Other times, you may need to take a little bit more time coming up with an answer. There are different ways to make decisions and not all of them are right. Decisions that children make in their lives can be as simple as choosing what to wear. But teaching them how to make healthy decisions will set them up for success. Teach them how to weight the pros and cons of each decision.

Listening is essential

Lastly, your children need to know that listening is incredibly important. In fact, it might be the most important communication skill. Your children will be able to communicate more effectively. By listening to others they will form better friendships, and in turn better partnerships. It may be hard to teach your children to listen. The most effective way of teaching is leading by example. Listen to your children, show them that you are invested in what they have to say.
Healthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
by On November 23, 2016

In our modern business arena, there are fewer massive companies and businesses. In fact, it is the era of startups and new businesses. Across the world, the amount of entrepreneurs is increasing with each passing year. The last decade we’ve witnessed the rise of several young businessmen and entrepreneurs. While many have ventured into this arena, there are only a few who have managed to stay successful. It’s not just being smart or hard working that make successful entrepreneurs. It takes many other things including some regular healthy habits to seal the prosperity of one’s own business. Today, let’s look into five healthy habits of successful entrepreneurs that set them apart from the rest.

Staying Healthy and Fit

You cannot run a company if you yourself are not fit and healthy. Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to join a gym or go on a diet. You need to maintain a routine that keeps you refreshed for the entire day. Start your day by exercising or doing yoga. Stick to it all week. The fresh morning air and workout will keep your body healthy and keep your mind active and alert. This is important for a successful businessman. Sometimes work takes up most your time. Ensure that in spite of having a busy schedule you manage to find some time to exercise. Eat a healthy diet with less sugar and fat. Keep a balanced metabolism and stay energetic. A strong, healthy leader is always entrusted by its people to make the right decisions and choices. Don’t stay up late at night unless necessary, and try to get enough sleep.

Regular Goals and Objectives

A business success is often led by well-defined goals and objectives. It is important to figure out what you want, or how you want your business to progress over time. There is a lot of competition out there, and customers fluctuate every single day. In such circumstances, make sure to set regular goals and objectives. This will help map your business development and growth. Every day, lay out the goals and objectives that you and your team should achieve. Write them down in a diary or on a board in your office. Don’t set unrealistic goals that might confuse your employees or yourself. Make sure whatever your objective is it should be achievable and completely clear. Next, the important part is to follow through. Setting goals is just the beginning, now you have to achieve them.

Stay Current

Knowing the ins and outs of your business is a must. But that’s not it! You are a businessman in an age when things change in the blink of an eye. The world today has turned into a global marketplace. Everyone can be connected within the blink of an eye. Things are no longer on a small scale. Make it a habit to stay updated with the latest news and current affairs. While business news should be a top priority, you should also be up to date on other topics. Some examples being, finance, media, advertisement, arts, entertainment, etc. Read as much as you can on different topics. In the past newspaper and radio were the only source for news. Now you have access to all sort of news with the touch of a finger. Stay completely updated. You never know what information might benefit you in ways you’d never imagine. A successful entrepreneur is always aware of what is happening all over the world and how it may profit or harm his business.

Ditch the Comfort Zone

What makes a business successful? What made Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg famous? Most of us will say that it was their idea of something different. But that’s not entirely true. They took risks and left their comfort zone. They struggled, that’s why they are famous and successful today. Think out of the box but have the courage to work on it. Not everybody will support you or agree with you. But if you believe in your idea, try it. Taking risks will not always get you what you want. Be prepared for it and learn from it. An efficient entrepreneur is never afraid of taking a risk, nor is he scared of failures. Until you try things and take risks you will never know what works best for your business.

Treat Your Team Like Family

Your employees form a very integral part of your business. Even the brightest business ideas can fail if the people working with you are not satisfied. A lot of people leave their jobs because they aren’t appreciated or paid enough. An organization develops and grows only if its employees also develop and grow with it. Regularly motivate and lift the morale of your people. Create a healthy working environment for them. Take care of their needs and requirements, and make all the necessary amenities available to them. Appreciate them for their work and success. If possible, get to know them and have good communication. Organize events where your employees can interact with each other. Never become a leader people are scared of. Become a leader people will trust, respect and follow voluntarily.

Steps to Overcome Fear in Business
by On November 16, 2016

For many of us, starting a business doesn’t mean we’ve perfected and polished our entrepreneurial traits. Many of us acquire these traits throughout our journey. The biggest hurdle that many have to overcome is fear of business. You want to grow your business, make noise, and become the pinnacle of your industry. However, fear can cripple these efforts. Throughout my journey, I have learned some incredible tactics to overcome crippling fear. We are going to dig into those with this weeks article.

Replace your Beliefs

Did you know that our actions and behaviors are governed by past beliefs and life experiences? We’re trapped in our old belief, and have a tendency to assume things. To overcome our fear of business, we should adopt a new set of beliefs.

Understand what Business Means to You

What is your intention to build a business? Do you think past the earnings? What does business mean to you? Do you have a vision of your life? What is your mission in business? Once you get enthusiastic about your mission, the fear of starting a business will lessen.

Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Many of us would not have the entrepreneurial mindset after we begin a business. That is okay; the entrepreneurial mindset can develop along the way. By acquiring the entrepreneurial mindset, we won’t give up our business easily. We overcome our fear in business by creating the entrepreneurial traits.

Build Self Confidence

One of many root causes in fear is a lack of self-confidence. I see that youngsters have better self-confidence than adults. Self-confidence displays your emotional maturity. Many adults lack self-confidence because of their failures, they usually accumulate their fear. By building self-confidence, you might be growing your emotional state, and your business fear will subside.

Market Yourself

The primary fear in business may very well be the fear of marketing. Most hate selling; usually there is a perception that marketing is the same as selling. They don’t prefer to push folks to buy, and so they face rejection. Nonetheless, there are many marketing strategies and techniques developed, and it is not essential to confront people. You’ll be able to overcome your fear of business by learning marketing. Develop a unique marketing strategy for your business. Place yourself and your branding properly so you will appeal to people.

Business Coaching

As a business coach, what matters is having the ability to deal with people. Are you scared to face people? You need to conquer this fear. Helping people solve their issues is what business coaching is all about. If you want to succeed you need to overcome the fear of coaching. Hence, first understand what it takes to succeed as a business coach.

Ask yourself: what am I afraid of?

Fight with your fear. This helps to know where the fear is coming from. Try to analyze the cause of the fear. Put yourself in a situation where you need to handle some clients. If you are scared of something, find a solution to overcome the fear.

Preplanning: If you prepare yourself in advance, it is easier to overcome your fear. Preplan and then face others. This includes preparing presentations so that you feel confident enough to face others.

Relax, be at ease: Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and relax. Understand that your clients are not going to hurt you. In fact, you are the one who is in charge and going to solve their issues. So understand all their queries and then try to sort them step-by-step.

Arrive early: See to it you arrive a little early if there is an appointment set. If you are late, the fear factor will increase. Being 10 to 15 minutes early, that will give you time to prepare to face your client.

You need to understand these commitments. You are committed to your clients, but you find yourself busy overcoming your fears rather than solving their issues. So if you realize that you are committed towards responsibility, focus on the important activities rather than getting scared. Whenever your fear follows you, just remind yourself that you are committed to making a difference to other peoples’ lives. Your mind reflects both positive and negative aspects of any situation. This way you will be able to stick to your commitments and reach your goals.

Express yourself. Communication is the shortest distance between two people. So share your commitments as it gains more power when you let others know about them. Thus, creating a new commitment and sharing it with others is equally important to overcome your fear. Preplan and make a list of the clients you are going to call, what appropriate actions you are expecting to take and with whom you would be sharing your experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Just make a note of all the commitments and try to meet them as soon as you can. If you have a positive approach towards your work no one can stop you from winning. So get all fears out of your mind and coach as many clients you can.

Ways to Network and Generate Leads
by On November 9, 2016

Leads are important for any successful business. Generating leads can be overwhelming, especially as this process has a high in-person level of involvement. As such, networkers have to generate a good number of leads. That way they’ll have enough people to present their products to.

You have printed fliers, sent out mailers, you’ve blasted your social-media followers. But you’re still not receiving the lead flow needed to grow your company to the next billion-dollar brand. Well, don’t worry because there are several ways to generate solid leads.


Twitter is an ideal tool for generating leads. You can use twitter to reach out to the influencers within your industry, and get in conversations with them. Their followers are possibly some of your prospective customers. They will see all your interactions and might follow you or even visit your website. Also, follow subjects that are trending and relate to your business. Interject your thoughts in the general discussions by using the hashtag (#) symbol. For example, if you’re in the mobile world, you might use #iPhone to get leads.


Do you have a newsletter? If not, then you are missing out on one of the simplest ways to network and generate leads. Make sure that you put a newsletter sign up in all possible places that make sense on your site. With these newsletters, not only will you have a captive audience but the email pathways will also serve as a great way to avoid getting lost in the Internet noise. Once more, don’t make it about you. Instead, you should share your insights, recent wins that you created for your customers and the industry news with your contacts.


Having a blog is among the best lead generating tools that you can use. A blog gives a person or (company) complete control of what’s said while still giving them an opportunity to have the complete attention of the reader. Ensure that your blog is well-optimized to generate more leads. This can be done by having a sign-up section for the newsletter and using the margins to promote your services and products. Do not make the blog all about yourself! Give real value to the visitors.


Ebooks usually work great for the B2B companies or businesses that work in a technical space. Ensure that you do not promote your products or services. People don’t want to buy your products, they want to be informed. As such, you should write from a neutral perspective and ensure that you give actionable insights. Share the eBooks socially and ask your network to share it on your behalf.

You’ll have to ensure that you have the landing page set up. That requires guests to input their email, phone number and name for a chance to download your eBook. Such pages can be built easily using tools like Unbounce.

Networking Events

While lots of action happens within the digital world, the real world is still providing a lot of advantages – especially for networking events. Today, events that do not directly relate to your business can provide you with some of the most valuable leads and contacts. You will meet more people, expand your network and also gain referrals. In addition, it is a great way to build your brand. Ensure that you bring business cards and do not be afraid to ask the people you meet for their patronage.

Engaging Video

Don’t produce yet another terrible commercial and decide to post it on YouTube for people to watch. The world does not need more posts like that. What people want more is entertainment. As such, spend time developing ideas that promote your company, and engages your customers. Once you have uploaded the video on YouTube, try to make it go viral. Use services like StumbleUpon to drive more traffic to your video. Video sites such as YouTube allow you to directly put links into the video. You should use this opportunity to link back to the specific landing pages on your site.


Even though infographics may have been overused, people still read and share them. They are also quite cheap to produce. Just come up with an original idea and find a graphic designer. Share it on social media and with your network. You can also submit the infographics to publications that cover your industry.

Always ensure that you put your logo and the website URL at the bottom of these infographics. By doing so, you will enable readers to visit your site.


Webinars are an affordable way to get your message to several potential customers. There are several services that allow you to broadcast a webinar easily and quickly. Furthermore, making webinars will help grow your following. Come up with a good idea that will help your customers. Promote your webinar on social media, your newsletter, and through your network.

At the end of these webinars, feel free to ask attendees to download your eBook, sign up for a newsletter or even visit your site. This will eventually bring more leads in.

Media Coverage

Do you know what journalists usually hate most? Being hit up by several PR agencies day after day. And, do you know what journalists hate a little less? Having the company owner reach out to them and tell their story in an authentic and real way. As a matter of fact, your chances of getting covered will go up significantly if you decide to reach out by yourself. Here are a few tips concerning reaching out to the journalists: Do not mass email them, don’t open with “to whom it might concern” and do not pester them (one follow up email is sufficient).

By getting your brand name out to the media, you will start to develop more followers, increase your brand and come off as a professional within your domain – all which can help you get more leads.

Strong Branding

Customers usually love authentic businesses. They like it when a business has a strong, clear message and the message should be consistent across all their marketing platforms. As a result, do not try and be everything to all people. Customers want experts and the company that’s the best within their industry. You should focus on communicating this through your branding and the conversion rates will eventually go up, thus generating more leads.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of generating more leads, nothing can stop you from becoming a network marketing success.

Tips to remember what you read
by On November 3, 2016

The most frustrating thing about reading is forgetting something you’ve just read. Despite how much you enjoy reading something, if it’s forgotten the next minute it can disappointing. Reading and not retaining any information almost makes it pointless. When you read something to gain knowledge, it’s important to store the information.


To any reader, there are three memory components that are the most important. If you want to retain information after reading follow these suggestions. According to specialists, memories are built on repetition, association and Impression. These three components are responsible for memory retention. This is because they make it easier for people to memorize information. When used together, the three components give the reader an effective way to retain information after reading.

Impression. In life, impressions last longer than words. When reading, try and picture the information. Create an impression of what you’ve just learned.  When you watch a movie, visual images are hard to forget. Most people remember movies scenes vividly. While it’s almost impossible to narrate a scene from a book. To create an impression while reading, create a mental impression for the material.

Repetition. The best way to remember things is repetition. Creating powerful images while reading, consistently, is an exercise worth doing. Go back and re-read important information, to insure it really sticks. When an exercise is repeated more often, it becomes second nature. Re-reading important sections makes it easier to retain less important sections too.

Association. Association is an easy way to retain information. When you come across a foreign concept, relate it to something you’re familiar with. This is a technique that makes it difficult to forget information.


There are some basic reading tips that we have all learned. One of those being, the importance of jotting down key points when reading. Taking notes will enhance memory retention, and make things easier to remember. You could also highlight bits of information you find useful.


Nothing helps create an experience when learning quite like sharing with others. Talking to people about a particular topic is an effective way of remembering information. In a conversation, one has the chance to address the topic with a level of enthusiasm that goes a long way in creating a lasting impression and creating memories. When we share with others, we explain the meaning of what we’ve learned. This will makes you understand exactly what you read and create longer lasting memories.


You cannot just pick up a book and get straight to reading. First, you will need to gather some background information on the topic. When you have a basic understanding of the topic, then it will be easier to understand the reading. Researching a topic first is an important tip to remembering information. Your level of education doesn’t matter, if you’ve never read about a topic before.


Before you start reading, it’s important to pass through it first. When skimming, you’ll get an idea of the topics and keywords. This will help you retain information while reading.


Try to focus on what you’re reading, and block out any interruptions. Read everything from beginning to end, and don’t skip anything.