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Roger Seip Co-founder
Incredibly Unique Businesses
by Roger On April 26, 2017

The world we live in is ever changing, with new businesses popping up everyday. It seems like almost everyone is chasing the “American Dream”. A great business is one that solves a problem, and sometimes, business ideas fall flat. On the other hand, we’ve seen a great spark of truly unique businesses.

Bring your own container grocery stores

First of all, we live in a time when it’s so important not to be wasteful. The worlds population continues to grow as our resources diminish and landfills become more of an issue. To combat this, a lot of people are living more “green” lives. Plastic waste floods our oceans and impacts sea life on a daily basis. A lot of cities across the US have already banned plastic bags. One way to cut back on waste is by shopping at a reusable container grocery store. Store owners buy food in bulk from reusable containers, and sell them to consumers. Store patrons use glass jars or cotton bags to measure out the amount they need.

Cat Cafes

Secondly, one of the most unique businesses out there are cat cafes. They originated in Taiwan in 1998, where Japanese tourists took to the idea. Since then, cat cafes have gotten very popular in Japan. In fact, Japan now has over 150 cat cafes. Interestingly, many Japanese apartment homes do not allow pets. This could be a contributing factor to the cafes popularity, people just want to interact with animals. They believe that cats can help relive the stress of working and everyday life. Cat cafes have begun making their way to the states, which has been a challenge due to health and food regulations. As long as the area where cats are held is completely separate from food, it’s considered okay. What’s more, most of the cats in these cafes are up for adoption.

Glass Art Ashes

Next on our list of unique businesses, is a great way to remember loved ones who have passed on. Some glass blowers are creating beautiful keepsakes, with the ashes of a relative or pet. These can help make the grieving process a lot easier for some people. Plus, it’s a great way to display someone’s ashes rather than keeping an urn.


It’s been said that dogs resemble their owners. Maybe that’s because people self consciously adopt animals that are like them. But have you ever thought about searching for the perfect best friend on what seems like a dating app? Probably not, but what a cool idea! Barkbuddy does just that. The app allows you to scroll through dogs up for adoption in your area. You can read bios, look at pictures and “swipe left” just as you would on a dating app. With time, the suggestions get better in tune with you, until you find the perfect pup!

Fun company outing ideas
by On March 1, 2017

Team building exercises or the annual company outing doesn’t have to be a drab affair. Does your staff need a little pick me up? Long gone are the days of dreading quality time with your coworkers. Especially since a lot of companies are seeking different and more creative ways to inspire their staff. Not only does a good company outing help your employees bond, but it can help reduce stress around the office. Plus, they’re just plain fun! For some great ideas, check out the list below.


First of all, offering up your services to a cause that may really need it feels spectacular. But sharing that experience with other people is a really great way to bond. In addition, there are so many different organizations out there that you’ll never run out of ideas. For instance, activities that require people to work together include building a house for habitat for humanity. Or, for those animal lovers consider helping out at a local animal shelter.

Who Dun It?

Secondly, a really fun company outing is a mystery dinner. Depending on the size of your company, you may need to go in groups. The idea is that your employees enjoy a great meal, sometimes up to 4 courses, while trying to solve a murder mystery! This is just all around a great company outing, and sparks interesting conversation.


Next, escape rooms are gaining so much popularity lately. The idea is that a number of people go into a room. There are clues and puzzles that have to be solved within a certain time frame in order to “escape the room”. An escape room is a great bonding experience because you have to work together to solve everything. To up the ante, give a prize to the fastest time!


For the outdoorsy type, a kayaking trip can be a great way to work together. In fact, it takes a lot of effort to paddle the right way, and prevent your team from going in circles. Encourage people to kayak with those they don’t normally interact with at work. If you’re interested in something not as fast paced, a canoe might be your cup of tea.

Become a tourist

Yes that’s right, get out there and doing something ultra touristy. Your city may have some great things to offer and you should embrace it. For instance, duck tours are really fun and slightly embarrassing but you’ll probably learn something new. Inspire your staff to be goofy and laugh at themselves.

Get Cooking

Additionally, nothing brings people together quite like food. Instead of making a company outing to a restaurant or bar, have everyone cook for themselves. I’m talking about taking a cooking class! It entails following directions and working together to create something delicious. And, the best part is that when you’re done you get to eat.


Get that blood pumping. Organize a company wide yoga session, day hike, or workout. Exercising helps alleviate stress and you feel great afterwards. Also, you’ll find that your staff will encourage each other to succeed and reach their goals.

Censoring your vocabulary? F that.
by On January 11, 2017

We’re trained from a young age that swearing is bad, but as adults it’s integrated into our speech patterns. Curse words fall into a grey area of society. What makes a word harmful? Where do you draw the line between appropriate and offensive? This distinction is especially important in the business world. Vulgar speech could drive away potential clients or help you come across as relatable, which leads to valuable partnerships. Linguists, sociologists, psychologists and a lot of other studious people have contributed to research surrounding the use of swear words.

The POV hypothesis

The poverty-of-vocabulary (POV) hypothesis states that people who use swear words regularly and fluently have a limited vocabulary. This hypothesis suggests that people who swear are more unintelligent, because they don’t know other, non-offensive words. Recent studies have not only proven the POV hypothesis wrong, but they also suggest the opposite to be true. Scientists now believe that those who are fluent in taboo language have a higher verbal proficiency. If you can swear like a sailor, you can probably speak eloquently like a poet.

Swear words are bad words

Offensive language is intense communication that triggers an emotional response. The words themselves are not harmful, but placed in context they cause damages. People are held legally accountable for vulgar language in cases of sexual harassment, fighting words and disturbing the peace. These examples show the negative consequences of swear words, but psychologists and linguists also recognize the benefits.

Swearing with good intentions

Swear words are not inherently bad. There are several potential outcomes when offensive language is spoken, ranging from negative to positive. Most uses of taboo language are not problematic. Think about how frequently curse words are used, generally without real consequences. Psychologists gain more insight when they study the motives behind offensive language use. Malicious intent creates a higher level of offensiveness. Swear words are featured in jokes, stories, stressful situations and moments of frustration. In these situations, the motives for cursing are not aggressive. These taboo words effectively convey a specific emotional expression. Research suggests that swear words can also increase your pain tolerance.

Cursing helps manage pain

Releasing a slew of swear words in response to pain or frustration is now supported with scientific evidence. Vulgar speech is a natural response to high stress situations, and research shows that offensive words can actually help people manage these circumstances. Swearing has an “analgesic effect,” which is a fancy way to say it helps relieve pain. There’s a limit though, the more frequently you swear, the less meaningful the words become. If there is no emotional response to cursing, the words will not help reduce pain.

What makes a swear word?

Swear words obviously hold some kind of power, but what makes them any different from the rest of your vocabulary? Vulgar words generally reference something sexual or some kind of bodily function. Linguistically, offensive language is typically comprised of four letter, monosyllabic words. Curse words commonly have closed syllables, which means that there is a vowel surrounded by consonants. There are also several variations of swear words that are not seen as offensive, even though only a few letters are different. Is darn or dang much different from its vulgar alternative?

Corporate cursing

A lot of people have studied what makes words vulgar. Expectations and standards established in society are an important deciding factor. Curse words are not tolerated in elementary schools, but there is a grey area in the business world. Some employers do not allow swearing, because they feel it’s unprofessional in the workplace. Other businesses are comfortable with explicit language. They believe it encourages honesty and helps coworkers build personal relationships.

Corporate culture is reflected in office language. Whether you’re cool with swearing or not, there can be advantages for business leaders who curse. Studies show that when swear words are used appropriately, an audience is more likely to identify with the speaker. Leaders can be perceived as confident and passionate. As the millennial generation enters the work force and casual work environments become the norm, swearing has also become more accepted.

Curse words are being integrated into our business vocabulary. Understanding the appropriate usage of swear words can be the difference between offending a potential business partner or forming a strong relationship. The concept of offensive language falls into a grey area as people debate what makes words harmful and what’s classified as acceptable speech. Don’t get careless with your taboo language, but you can probably stop washing your mouth with soap as punishment.