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Roger Seip Co-founder
Worst Shark Tank Products Ever
by Roger On June 7, 2017

It’s 2017 and everyone wants to brand themselves and their business in a way that sets them apart. With so many products on the market, half of what it takes to get your business off the ground is having a marketable, interesting product. Unfortunately, the creators of these five products missed the memo. The best pitch in the world couldn’t save these items from being eaten alive by the sharks.

5. Elephant chat: Do you ever miss the way it felt when your mom made you and your sibling talk through a fight by taking turns whilst she presided? If so, you’ll love Elephant Chat. Except the elephant is your mom and you have to hold it while you air your grievances with your spouse. We wish we were kidding. Turns out the only “elephant in the room” was what a terrible idea this was.

4. 180 Cup: Every college students’ worst nightmare come to life, the 180 Cup is a plastic cup which, when flipped over, has a shot glass on the bottom. The problem lies in the constant flipping over of the cup. Spoiler alert: any party utilizing 180 Cup ends with more booze on shoes than in stomachs and will go down in history as the worst party ever.

3. Wake ’n’ Bacon: This wooden alarm clock cooks your bacon for you when it wakes you up. Now, stop and think about all the horrible parts of that sentence. Firstly, a wooden alarm clock is cooking bacon. We’re surprised that sentence itself didn’t just burst into flames, so it’s only a matter of time before someone’s home does. Secondly, that bacon will have to be loaded into the cooking mechanism before bed. That means breakfast now consists of bacon that sat, raw and waiting to be cooked, for hours in a bedroom. Lastly the proud, if not burned or food poisoned, victim/owner of the Wake ’n’ Bacon will now have a room which constantly smells like greasy bacon. This is the trifecta of breakfast horrors.

2. Ionic Ear: The only item on this list which will turn you into a cyborg, the Ionic Ear is a bluetooth headset which is fitted inside the human ear and charged at night. A quick one-time surgery means no more fussing with your Bluetooth headset or device.*

*Additional surgery required for all upgrades.

1. No Fly Cone: This super sleek cone sits on top of your dog’s poop to keep flies out of your yard! Magic! It’s almost as if properly disposing of dog mess will never be necessary again. Instead, dog owners can leave hundreds of little cones around their backyard and then… well… leave them there we guess. Maybe just stick with throwing it away.

Best Shark Tank Products That Could Have Made You a Millionaire
by Roger On May 31, 2017

Sometimes you get the idea of the century and make a million dollars. Sometimes, well, you don’t. That’s the premise of the TV show Shark Tank. People bring their ideas to a panel of professionals and hope one of them will financially back the idea. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the top 5 ideas ever pitched on Shark Tank that will make you think “I should’ve thought of that!”

5. Baker’s Edge: This genius invention is here to give us everything we’ve ever wanted: and endless supply of edge piece brownies. Though they did not get the investment they hoped for on Shark Tank, the inventors of the Baker’s Edge continue to sell products to those of us who unabashedly lust for the corner pieces. They have since released a muffin pan and are still selling the killer creation that is the Baker’s Edge.

4. BetterBack: Sitting in front of a computer all day can be bad for posture and health. That’s why the inventor of BetterBack made a type of sling for your back which connects to the knees and corrects posture. The show aired recently but sales seem steady and there is a new Kickstarter campaign for a larger version.

3. Squatty Potty: Something everyone has to do and doesn’t think much about is using the bathroom. The inventor of the Squatty Potty did some digging and discovered that the human body is not actually built to make sitting on a toilet a comfortable or effective way to relieve yourself. The Squatty Potty elevates the feet so that going to the bathroom is done the way it was meant to be. The item has been heavily advertised on social media, most likely due to the frivolous nature of the product, which could be a direct cause of its success.

2. Groovebook: Everyone has a bunch of pictures on their phone just taking up space. No one wants to get rid of them because they help to remember some really great times, but people are making photo albums less and less. This is where Groovebook comes in handy. For just $2.99/month, Groovebook takes your phone’s pictures and turns them into a photo book which gets sent directly to your door. The product has an app for iPhone and Android and sales are on the rise as people figure out how much easier it is to have someone else make photo albums!

1. Drop Stop: Driving in the car is all fine and good until your phone gets stuck between the seats. You’re trying to use Google Maps and now have one hand driving and one searching for the phone but instead an old french fry and a nickel surface. It’s frustrating. That’s where Drop Stop comes in handy. It sits in the crack between your seat and the center console to keep your items out of the abyss. With a hole to fit the piece around the seatbelt, its the perfect “if I thought about that I’d be a millionaire” product.

Any one of these products is a million-dollar idea thought up by an every day person. Every person can develop their brand, even if that brand is helping people use the restroom! But be sure to look out next week when we look at the Shark Tank flops and what went wrong!

7 Habits of Highly-Effective Entrepreneurs
by On October 25, 2016

The actions we do every day turn into habits that influence our lives. There are good habits and there are bad habits, as everyone knows. These habits form our lives and help us be successful. As entrepreneurs, there are habits you can form that will help you and your business succeed Here are 7 habits of entrepreneurs that prove to be highly effective.


There are some decisions that we make every day that can impact and benefit us. Then there are some that we do not need to even think about. Making decisions that have a low impact on our lives takes away time we could be using to do something beneficial. Influencers such as Steve Jobs practiced this method, later picked up by FaceBook creator Mark Zuckerberg. To minimize low impact decision making and make time for the more important task, Steve jobs opted for the same outfit every day, minimizing the time taken to choose clothes every day, and making more time to do things beneficial to his business.


As an entrepreneur and a business owner, the one word you will hear the most is No. While sometimes we want to throw in the towel when we hear that word, don’t. If you have a dream and a whole lot of determination, this word should not stop you from achieving it. It can be discouraging when it seems like no one believes in you. Big companies that around now don’t stop after hearing many No’s. They took those No’s, put in some hard work, and improved their business. They took the criticism and learned from it. They kept on trying and trying until they were where they wanted to be. It is said that 90% of startups fail, and without that hard work and determination, you don’t have a good chance of making it.


As an entrepreneur, you have to do things 100% more than anyone else in order to succeed. You really have to go above and beyond. You have to work harder than everyone else to make your dreams come true. Being an entrepreneur is not like any other job. No one pays you for what you do. No one has everything figured out for you.


Customers, like in any other business, make the business what it is. They take part in determining whether your business succeeds or not. They are important to businesses and entrepreneurs. You always have to put the customer first. Make sure their needs are always met and put first. Make your customers feel like they are part of the business.


As many of us know very well, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes we have to change our plans and go a different route. This ties back in with being persistent. When, unfortunately, your company doesn’t do as well as you wanted or expected it to be, don’t be afraid to go a different direction and try something new. Change can be good and you might even find that you just needed to find a new and different way of doing things in order to succeed.


Being entrepreneur makes you different working class. You don’t have to work from 9 to 5. You can work anywhere you choose. The one thing that entrepreneurs and other businesses should have in common is customer relations. Make sure your customers know who you and your business are. Communication is an important aspect of business. You have to communicate with and get to know your customers. Put yourselves where they are. Reach out to them. Form relationships with them.


Your brand and business show who you are to people. You put your heart and personality into it. People can see you through your business. Know what you want your brand to be and stick to it. Stick with the culture that you have created. It’s easy to get steered off into a different direction and to lose sight of who you or your company are.

Being an entrepreneur makes you stand out from everyone. There are obstacles you constantly have to go through. Make sure that you are doing the right things. Form good habits and use some of these to help you in your business.

Brain Training App that Really Work
by On October 21, 2016

In this digital age, technology can be used for just about everything. One of those things is training your brain. Brain training is meant to boost mental muscle and improve memory and concentration, among other things. Brain training has risen in popularity, with some mixed results. While some people saw no improvements, others saw a significant change in cognition. A 2015 study of online brain training in people over the age of 50 saw a significant cognitive benefit. There may even be a benefit in video games. Playing any kind of video game has proven to have cognitive benefit.

The question is whether you should begin training your brain. There are many benefits of brain training. Even a placebo effect has shown positive results. People in a study who were told they were participating in a brain training study performed better on intelligence tests. Brain games have shown to help cognitive function in individuals with schizophrenia. There are really no downfalls of brain games. Either your brain gets a little exercise or you improve your memory and concentration. So really you have nothing to lose. Like regular exercise, brain training is something you have to stick to for results. Here are some apps great for brain training.


Elevate has become a popular brain training app. The app uses real-world tasks in their training. The app has 35, fun games that are meant to train your brain. Elevate is an app with a more practical approach. Their real world approach might have a better effect on the brain, as these are the tasks we perform daily.

Peter Zogas, the Director of Educational Content for Elevate states their games target specific problems that people may have. It focuses on problems such as calculating how much to leave for a tip or simply sending an important email. They lock in on one specific task, offering solutions and instructions on task performance improvement. The app focuses on subjects like reading, writing, and math. It also targets speaking and listening. You have the choice to personalize the app to the areas you find you need the most help in.


If you are more of a game person, Peak is a perfect app for you. With this app, you don’t feel like you’re training your brain. This app is geared more towards training memory, attention, problem solving, mental agility, language, coordination, creativity, and emotion control With Advanced Training Programs that focus on training specific skills. Peak develops games with Cambridge and Yale. It has 40 different games for you to play. A popular feature on Peak is the Coach feature. With this feature, you get personal coaching during your training. A coach helps you by giving you tips on improvement. It evaluates your progress and shows your ways to improve, or gives you games that fit in your time Schedule.


Lumosity is perhaps the most well-known brain training app. It is the oldest of these apps. Lumosity has over 50 games and has been around for about 9 years. They work with scientists from over 40 universities and has more than 50 in progress studies to further research the effects of brain training. Lumosity lets you play a couple of games a day and gives you a daily, weekly, and monthly performance report.

Lumosity focuses on speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. It gives you an index score of your games and helps you improve your weak areas in each category. When you sign up for Lumosity, you are given a simple test to see where your cognitive need improvements. It then create a training schedule to help you with those improvements. Lumosity also lets you compare your cognitive results with other people in your age bracket.

Training your brain doesn’t have to include difficult tests, or impossible tasks. These simple and fun apps develop your brain while letting you also have fun. With the exception of Lumosity, which can be also found on the web, these apps are available in the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. Happy training!