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Roger Seip Co-founder
Incredibly Unique Businesses
by Roger On April 26, 2017

The world we live in is ever changing, with new businesses popping up everyday. It seems like almost everyone is chasing the “American Dream”. A great business is one that solves a problem, and sometimes, business ideas fall flat. On the other hand, we’ve seen a great spark of truly unique businesses.

Bring your own container grocery stores

First of all, we live in a time when it’s so important not to be wasteful. The worlds population continues to grow as our resources diminish and landfills become more of an issue. To combat this, a lot of people are living more “green” lives. Plastic waste floods our oceans and impacts sea life on a daily basis. A lot of cities across the US have already banned plastic bags. One way to cut back on waste is by shopping at a reusable container grocery store. Store owners buy food in bulk from reusable containers, and sell them to consumers. Store patrons use glass jars or cotton bags to measure out the amount they need.

Cat Cafes

Secondly, one of the most unique businesses out there are cat cafes. They originated in Taiwan in 1998, where Japanese tourists took to the idea. Since then, cat cafes have gotten very popular in Japan. In fact, Japan now has over 150 cat cafes. Interestingly, many Japanese apartment homes do not allow pets. This could be a contributing factor to the cafes popularity, people just want to interact with animals. They believe that cats can help relive the stress of working and everyday life. Cat cafes have begun making their way to the states, which has been a challenge due to health and food regulations. As long as the area where cats are held is completely separate from food, it’s considered okay. What’s more, most of the cats in these cafes are up for adoption.

Glass Art Ashes

Next on our list of unique businesses, is a great way to remember loved ones who have passed on. Some glass blowers are creating beautiful keepsakes, with the ashes of a relative or pet. These can help make the grieving process a lot easier for some people. Plus, it’s a great way to display someone’s ashes rather than keeping an urn.


It’s been said that dogs resemble their owners. Maybe that’s because people self consciously adopt animals that are like them. But have you ever thought about searching for the perfect best friend on what seems like a dating app? Probably not, but what a cool idea! Barkbuddy does just that. The app allows you to scroll through dogs up for adoption in your area. You can read bios, look at pictures and “swipe left” just as you would on a dating app. With time, the suggestions get better in tune with you, until you find the perfect pup!

Food for thought: Nourishment for a Healthy Brain
by On March 22, 2017
The food that we eat on a daily basis can affect how we feel, not just physically but mentally as well. Over time, our bodies will inevitably age. But with the right diet, you can ensure you have a healthy brain for a very long time. In fact, it’s been shown that antioxidant-rich foods, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals are essential for a healthy brain. These foods will provide energy and work to prevent certain brain diseases. However, not all health food is created equal. This list is some of the best foods to keep your brain in tip-top shape.


Who doesn’t love blueberries? They are such a tasty little treat, some people refer to them as “nature’s candy”. Plus, they are incredibly good for you because they are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. As a matter of fact, there have been studies that show incorporating blueberries into your diet decreases short term memory loss. In addition, blueberries can help reduce the effects of Alzheimers or dementia.

Egg Yolks

Poor egg yolks have gotten a bad rap in the health world. For years it’s been the belief that only the whites of eggs should be eaten to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, that’s slowly been changing as we’re becoming more aware of what yolks can offer us. Choline is the main ingredient found in egg yolks, which is especially good for pregnant women. Choline helps aid in the development of a fetus’s brain. Also, egg yolks are important for a healthy brain and can make you happy. It’s true, they break down chemicals that produce hormones linked to happiness.


Next, fans of seafood rejoice! Salmon is one of the best foods for a healthy brain. It’s filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which have gained good traction in the health community. Good fats keep your brain running as smoothly as possible, and increase your memory. If you consistently have brain fog, it may be due to a lack of omega-3’s. Plus, wild caught salmon can also help prevent cancer.


Similarly, many nuts have omega-3’s in addition to vitamin E. Nuts are another one of those foods that help prevent cognitive decline. That means less chance of getting Alzheimer’s in the future. Additionally, nuts or nut butter is super easy to snack on during the day.


Lastly, avocados are up there with blueberries in terms of healthy brain foods. While it’s true that avocados are full of fat, it’s monounsaturated fat which is the healthy kind. The fat found in avocados help with healthy blood flow. Also, they lower blood pressure which is good for a healthy brain.
This is only a short list of the most brain healthy foods. When planning meals, try to get a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants.
Do you Remember? Brain Boosting Tips
by On February 22, 2017
I’ve never encountered someone with a perfect memory. Not that I can remember, anyway. Everybody is a little bit different when it comes to memory retention. But there are ways to improve your memory, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something important.

Workout your Brain 

Firstly, just like a regular workout, you need to stimulate your brain in different ways to keep it healthy. The more time you spend working out your brain, the better your memory will get. However, the activity should be something new to you, that’s how you strengthen your brain. In addition, a great brain exercise will be something that is challenging and requires your full attention. Find activities that start at an easy level, and get progressively more difficult as you improve. Most importantly, find activities that are not only challenging but interesting to you.

Workout your Body

Second, physical exercise is just as important as mental exercise. So don’t neglect the gym! Staying active will ensure that your brain stays sharp. Not only does exercise increase the oxygen to your brain, but it also reduces stress. As a general rule, any sort of exercise that gets your blood pumping is good for your brain. Also, a morning workout can help get rid of morning fog and prep your brain for the rest of the day.

Get to Bed

In order to avoid sleep deprivation, you should be getting a solid 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep a night. As a matter of fact, getting even a few hours a sleep can negatively affect your memory. For this reason, make a sleep schedule and stick to it. Don’t break your routine, even if it’s a weekend and you feel like sleeping in. Additionally, melatonin is a hormone that makes you sleepy and is suppressed by certain light. Try to avoid any sort of screen such as a TV or phone at least an hour before bed. Also, limit your caffeine intake. Needing caffeine can be a vicious cycle, keeping you up at night but then you might need it to wake up the next day.

Hang Out With Friends

Most people are pretty sociable beings. Some good news for those chatterboxes, meaningful relationships with others is very beneficial to memory retention. In fact, there have been studies that show those with the most active social calendar have a slower rate of memory decline.


Not only is stress, well, stressful, but it can also lead to memory loss. Continued stress over a long period of time will destroy brain cells. To combat this, try to focus on one task at a time and don’t forget to relax. Many find solace in meditation which has been said to actually improve memory.

Laughter is the Best Medicine 

It’s true, laughter is great for your emotional health and can help with memory retention. Learn to laugh at your embarrassing moments and share with others. Also, surround yourself with others that can find humor in everything. You know what they say about laughter being contagious.


For the most part, your diet should consist of a nice balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and of course healthy fats. Eating this way is good for your brain and will help with memory retention.
Do These Things Before 8 a.m.
by On January 25, 2017

Life can be completely unpredictable. Many say that it’s like a rollercoaster, with lots of ups and downs. How is it possible to move forward with your dreams when we live in a world like that? Working full time can make it seem impossible. But having kids on top of everything else makes following your dreams that much harder. If you don’t consistently take time for self-improvement, a lot of that time will be wasted. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get back lost time. You don’t want to wake up one day and wonder what you did with your life. Make that moment now. Try to do these 8 things before 8 am, and set yourself up for greatness.

Get enough sleep

Most importantly, make sure you are getting enough sleep! Getting enough rest is up there with drinking enough water. Everyone says that it is important, and yet so many people fail to follow this key step. Not only will you be fatigued after an insufficient amount of rest, but continually getting less than 7 hours a night can lead to health problems. On the other hand, 7 or more hours of sleep per night has a lot of great benefits. For example, you can look forward to an increased attention span and memory. Being fully rested can lift your mood, and help you be more creative. You might even save some money on that morning coffee, as you’ll be less likely to crave caffeine. Make an effort to set a designated bedtime, and actually go to sleep when that time comes. Trying to be successful without a good sleep schedule is pointless.


Once fully rested, you need to fill yourself with positive thoughts to get your morning going. If you wake up angry, you’re almost certainly going to have a bad day. Whatever your beliefs, try to focus on prayer or meditation. Doing so will make you grateful for everything you have, and ensure that you’re starting your day off on the right foot. People are drawn to the positivity of others.

Get physical

Also, another thing you should be doing before 8 am is exercise. Despite the fact that exercise is extremely beneficial, only about one-third of the American population exercises on a daily basis. Make it a habit to get regular exercise and you’ll see positive changes in your mood, health, and productivity. For instance, go to the gym directly after your meditation session to get your body moving. Caring for your body directly corresponds with caring for your career.


Protein Intake

We’ve all heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, the right breakfast will set you up for success. Try to eat at least 30 grams of protein as a part of your morning meal. Foods that are protein rich help keep you full longer. That’s because they take longer to digest than foods like carbohydrates. In fact, protein helps regulate your blood sugar, thus preventing hunger spikes throughout your morning. Also, you’ll notice cravings for bad carbs are decreased. Bad carbs such as donuts or bagels can make you feel sluggish, and you’ll be hungrier a lot earlier on.

Cold Showers

As a person who thoroughly enjoys hot showers, this next idea is a tough one. Although hot showers are nice, sometimes taking a cold shower is the way to go. Interestingly, studies have shown that taking cold showers regularly can help treat depression. The cold water can trigger neurochemicals, which in turn can make you feel happy. Jumping into cold water is the hardest part, but usually, after about 20 seconds your body is used to it. In addition, you’ll notice some other benefits too. Hot water can dry out your skin and hair, but cold water won’t.

Get inspired

A lot of successful people are always on the hunt for more knowledge. But where do they find the time to read, learn, and grow? It’s pretty simple, actually. You can start by listening to audiobooks on the commute to and from work. Many people spend that time listening to the radio when they could be stimulating their brain before the work day has even begun. Also, try reading for half an hour before going to bed. Before you know it, you’ll have hundreds of books under your belt.


You may have set goals for yourself already, and that’s great. However, take the time to write your goals down, long term and short term. Sometimes, the simple act of writing your goals down can help you stick to them. Make an effort to read your list of goals every day. Thinking about your goals will help guarantee that you’re doing things daily to work towards them. Eventually, you’ll reach them and can make even greater goals.

Take action

Lastly, prioritize your daily tasks. Try to tackle the hardest things while you still have the most energy. Otherwise, if you leave the hard stuff for the end of the day, it’ll never get done. Don’t put stuff off any longer than you have to. Jump in and tackle the hard stuff.

A Home Office that Works for You
by On January 18, 2017
Working from home may seem like an ideal situation, but there are many challenges as well. It could be hard to separate home life from work if you do both in the same place. If your space is cluttered, then it’s very likely that your work will be cluttered too. Follow this guide for some ways to make your home office work for you.


To start, make sure your computer is in the correct position. If you are constantly looking up or down at a screen it could put a lot of strain on your head or neck. In addition, the position of your chair also matters. Plus, if your chair is uncomfortable it could be hard to focus on what you’re working on. Ergonomic chairs are great for working long hours.


Secondly, the lighting in a space can make all the difference in the world. Stay away from the corner of the room, and instead put your desk next to a window. A lot of people say this can improve your mood throughout the day due to exposure to Vitamin D. Sometimes, you just need to take a break and it’s nice to take in the scenery. On the other hand, you shouldn’t rely solely on just natural light. Don’t forget lamps for when it gets darker. Overhead lighting isn’t best for a workspace, consider getting a couple lamps. Most of the time lamps create a nice, warm feel and you can experiment with different styles.


Also, it’s very important to have an adequate amount of storage in your home office. Nobody wants to work somewhere that is too cluttered. Be creative with your storage solutions, and make the space really your own. Invest in an awesome bookcase, or turn the closet into a system of shelves so it’s not visible. Wall storage is a great option too, as it will keep the mess off your desk.


Think of the things you hate about working in a cubicle, and try to improve upon that idea. It can get depressing working in a space that feels cold and sterile. Add some personal touches, and possibly even rotate items out so you’re constantly inspired by your workspace. Make a corner of the office where you can cuddle up and read when it’s necessary. Many people find that some greenery makes them feel happier. In addition, some people work their best with some good music. Consider investing in a streaming service like Pandora or Spotify.


Of course, it’s also important to make sure you have a fully stocked office. Keep all your supplies in the same room where you’ll be working. As a result, you won’t need to get up and leave the room every time you run out of post its, pens, stamps or whatever else you might need. Think about making a kitchen corner. You can get a nice mini fridge if you like to drink a lot of beverages throughout the day. Or, if you need coffee, make a cute little coffee and tea station.
Time management tips
by On December 7, 2016
There are many people that could benefit from managing their time better. Time management seems like an easy enough concept. Then why do so many seem to struggle with it? If you struggle with time management, right off the bat you’ll need to invest some time. You’ll need to prioritize and organize, and after that just applying some of these tips will help you.

Write in a planner

First off, invest in a planner. Every morning before your day gets started, write your plan for the day. Sometimes just writing it out will help you keep on track and remember your tasks for that day. Stick to it as best you can, and you shouldn’t get caught off guard.

Set time limits

Another great tool, is setting time limits for each task. If you say that a particular task is due to 12pm, you’re more likely to get it done on time. This will also ensure that you’re not spending too much time on one thing. Also, you won’t eat into reserved time for other activities.


Use a calendar

Using a calendar is a very fundamental step to managing your time properly. If using a calendar on your phone, in most cases it can be synced between multiple devices. For example, if you add an appointment on your computer calendar, it will also show up on your phone. This will ensure that you are always aware of what you have scheduled or tasks that need to be done.

Know your deadlines

Also, make sure you know when deadlines are. Use your calendar to mark when the deadline of a project is. That way you’ll always know what is coming up and plan accordingly. Don’t take on more work than you can handle. In other words, create realistic deadlines for yourself. Learn to say no to the distractions, and you’ll be able to meet your deadlines every time.

Plan to be early

It’s better to be 15 minutes early than rushing and being right on time. If you set yourself up to get somewhere right on the nose, chances are you could be late. Many variables can come into play. So leave a buffer when planning, and arrive early. Or make sure to get a deadline done early.

Set reminders

A lot of people can get distracted by their day to day activities. Setting reminders can help you prepare for what’s to come. If you have an important meeting, having time beforehand to get her anything you might need can be extremely helpful.


There are those that think multitasking is an efficient tool for time management. However, multitasking doesn’t work for most. If you spent time focused on just one thing, you are more likely to get it done quicker. Do not distract yourself with social media, email, or open browsers. Close out of everything except for that one task you’re working on. By focusing on one thing at a time, you’ll be much more efficient.

Track your time spent

Another great tool, is tracking your time. Set a timer before starting a task. When you’re finished, you’ll have a better idea how long something takes you to complete. Consequently, you can better organize your calendar and set more realistic deadlines for yourself in the future.


Don’t get caught up doing something that isn’t as important as other things. Learn to prioritize your tasks. You’re never going to get everything done in a day, so putting the most important at the top of your list will make you more successful.


Additionally, you can delegate tasks. If you are in a position to do so, delegate your less important task to someone else. That way, you can focus on the important things you need to get done. Or if someone just happens to be better at a certain task than you, there is no harm in asking them for help.
Healthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
by On November 23, 2016

In our modern business arena, there are fewer massive companies and businesses. In fact, it is the era of startups and new businesses. Across the world, the amount of entrepreneurs is increasing with each passing year. The last decade we’ve witnessed the rise of several young businessmen and entrepreneurs. While many have ventured into this arena, there are only a few who have managed to stay successful. It’s not just being smart or hard working that make successful entrepreneurs. It takes many other things including some regular healthy habits to seal the prosperity of one’s own business. Today, let’s look into five healthy habits of successful entrepreneurs that set them apart from the rest.

Staying Healthy and Fit

You cannot run a company if you yourself are not fit and healthy. Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to join a gym or go on a diet. You need to maintain a routine that keeps you refreshed for the entire day. Start your day by exercising or doing yoga. Stick to it all week. The fresh morning air and workout will keep your body healthy and keep your mind active and alert. This is important for a successful businessman. Sometimes work takes up most your time. Ensure that in spite of having a busy schedule you manage to find some time to exercise. Eat a healthy diet with less sugar and fat. Keep a balanced metabolism and stay energetic. A strong, healthy leader is always entrusted by its people to make the right decisions and choices. Don’t stay up late at night unless necessary, and try to get enough sleep.

Regular Goals and Objectives

A business success is often led by well-defined goals and objectives. It is important to figure out what you want, or how you want your business to progress over time. There is a lot of competition out there, and customers fluctuate every single day. In such circumstances, make sure to set regular goals and objectives. This will help map your business development and growth. Every day, lay out the goals and objectives that you and your team should achieve. Write them down in a diary or on a board in your office. Don’t set unrealistic goals that might confuse your employees or yourself. Make sure whatever your objective is it should be achievable and completely clear. Next, the important part is to follow through. Setting goals is just the beginning, now you have to achieve them.

Stay Current

Knowing the ins and outs of your business is a must. But that’s not it! You are a businessman in an age when things change in the blink of an eye. The world today has turned into a global marketplace. Everyone can be connected within the blink of an eye. Things are no longer on a small scale. Make it a habit to stay updated with the latest news and current affairs. While business news should be a top priority, you should also be up to date on other topics. Some examples being, finance, media, advertisement, arts, entertainment, etc. Read as much as you can on different topics. In the past newspaper and radio were the only source for news. Now you have access to all sort of news with the touch of a finger. Stay completely updated. You never know what information might benefit you in ways you’d never imagine. A successful entrepreneur is always aware of what is happening all over the world and how it may profit or harm his business.

Ditch the Comfort Zone

What makes a business successful? What made Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg famous? Most of us will say that it was their idea of something different. But that’s not entirely true. They took risks and left their comfort zone. They struggled, that’s why they are famous and successful today. Think out of the box but have the courage to work on it. Not everybody will support you or agree with you. But if you believe in your idea, try it. Taking risks will not always get you what you want. Be prepared for it and learn from it. An efficient entrepreneur is never afraid of taking a risk, nor is he scared of failures. Until you try things and take risks you will never know what works best for your business.

Treat Your Team Like Family

Your employees form a very integral part of your business. Even the brightest business ideas can fail if the people working with you are not satisfied. A lot of people leave their jobs because they aren’t appreciated or paid enough. An organization develops and grows only if its employees also develop and grow with it. Regularly motivate and lift the morale of your people. Create a healthy working environment for them. Take care of their needs and requirements, and make all the necessary amenities available to them. Appreciate them for their work and success. If possible, get to know them and have good communication. Organize events where your employees can interact with each other. Never become a leader people are scared of. Become a leader people will trust, respect and follow voluntarily.